"One of my law professors once recommended Mr. Mazar, and I can see why. Mr. Mazar will work with you every step of the way, offering you a sincere, flexible and simple, yet resolute approach. He is also trustworthy and supportive; very mindful of his clients and watchful of their interests."
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Legal Case Studies

High-Profile Food Poisoning Suit

Adrian Maza

In the summer of 2007, hundreds of people became sickened by the Salmonella Heidelberg strain at the annual "Taste of Chicago" festival event. These people had one thing in common: they ate a dish called "hummus shirazi," served at one of the booths. Mr. Mazar was the first attorney in the country to file a lawsuit against the restaurant as a result of this event. Mr. Mazar's first two clients who were victims of this food poisoning appeared on the local news and spoke about their illness. Mr. Mazar's lawsuit became an international news story, appearing in print and on the world wide web in the U.S. and Canada. Nearly 100 plaintiffs filed suit and have been compensated for their damages. See story from the Chicago Tribune >>


Jury Awards for Client in Crash with Chicago Police

Mr. Mazar represented a thirty-one year old man who was injured after being involved in a "head-on collision" with a Chicago police squad car. Both the police officer driver and the plaintiff, Mr. Mazar's client claimed the other crossed the center line. The only other witness was the police officer who was a passenger in the squad car. Using photographic evidence, effective direct and cross examination, and logical arguments, Mr. Mazar convinced the jury that it was the police officer who was at fault for the collision, and won an outstanding verdict for his client.


Mazar Wins False Arrest Case

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Mr. Mazar represented a young female U.S. Air Force officer who was stopped by the police for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. The police ran a routine warrant check, and found a warrant for a woman with the same last name (Johnson!) and a "similar" physical description (brown eyes, brown hair). She was arrested and put in jail. While in jail, she was verbally abused and ridiculed by the police. After a jury trial, the jury determined that she had been falsely arrested and imprisoned, and awarded significant compensatory damages.


Plaintiff Wins Fair Settlement for Injuries

Mr. Mazar represented a young man who tried to talk a police officer out of giving him a parking ticket. The office ran over the man's foot with the tire of his squad car, breaking his big toe. Several months after the fracture healed, and while the case was in suit, the client developed a bunion on the side of the same toe. The bunion eventually required a bunionectomy. The defendants disputed that the bunionectomy was related to the trauma. Mr. Mazar was able to develop medical testimony that connected the surgery to the trauma and convinced the defendants to pay the fair settlement that justice required.


Mazar Successfully Defends Assault and Battery Claim

Mr. Mazar defended a landlord who was sued by a tenant for assault and battery. The tenant claimed that the landlord attacked him and threw him down on the street because he had not paid rent. The landlord said that the tenant jumped on him and was injured when he slipped an fell on an ice rut in the street. The tenant had a severe Lisfranc's fracture, which required surgical fixation to his tibia. In cross-examination of the tenant's treating surgeon, Mr. Mazar was able to procure an admission that the injury was consistent with a slip and fall on ice. This testimony, along with weather reports and other evidence, was enough to convince a judge to rule in favor of Mr. Mazar's client and against the tenant.